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Here are some of my favorite shots and ideas

for productions I had the privilege to storyboard.


Rapunzel needed a conflict as she picks flowers on a rock cliff. I suggested, "How about a goat?"

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 8.58.46 PM.png
RTA 216 Great Tree sq15 .jpg

To scare off "ruffians", Rapunzel creates a web of hair and a spider costume out of leaves and branches.

As Rapunzel sings a mysterious incantation, her hair turns black and spreads like octopus tentacles.

Atlantis_Crystal reflection.jpg

I imagined that Kida viewed the Atlantean Crystal as a deity, so its power enabled her to walk on water. Stepping directly beneath the Crystal, Kida disturbs its reflection in the pool.

Kida's necklace and the Atlantean Crystal are linked by a beam of light.

The beam expands, lifting Kida from the pool to join the Atlantean Crystal.

The Stone Giants clap their hands, creating an energy shield to protect the City of Atlantis.

TH 102.18_125.jpg

In this chase scene, Bular is so massive, that  he tears up the asphalt as he skids and changes direction. Guillermo approved!

Toby frantically pedals to get away from Bular, his butt barely squeezing through the alley.

Jim will be introduced as the first-ever human Trollhunter, so I chose to show that, unlike Trolls, he doesn't have to hide from sunlight.

After transforming into his Trollhunter armor while airborne, Jim, of course, does a perfect three point landing.

Aaargh creates an opening in the portal door and rescues Jim at the last second.

This was one of the first images I drew when starting on the movie. It was called "The Teflon Sketch" because no revisions or edits would stick. It remained in the storyboard until the final cut.

For the scripted line, "I will not be the weak link!", I had Ramses turn and cut off Moses mid-speech.

I wanted to show the exact moment when Ramses drew the "line in the sand" to become Moses' enemy.

Stuck on a whaling shipwreck and surrounded by hungry leopard seals, the baby Penguins escape on a harpoon.

I had the opportunity to provide character design concepts for the movie's mutant penguins.

The Penguins dress in lederhosen to distract the enemy.  I added a traditional German slap dance -- Penguin style.

Using sock puppets, Harold describe his fear of being separated from George in different classrooms.

Using a diagram of a child's brain, Professor Poopypants demonstrates how he wants to rid the world of laughter.

Startling Principal Krupp, Edith creepily appears at his office, bearing a gift.

As he starts to fall in love with Fiona, 

Shrek slurps up a weed rat's tail like spaghetti.

Pocahontas and John Smith evade a search party by hiding behind Grandmother Willow.

The monkeys rehearse the song "Gloria" atop Melman's float.

Huey, Louie, and Dewey have trouble with Donald's recliner.

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